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Greet every website visitor with live chat

Greet every visitor on your website with a virtual handshake with Chatware award-winning software

Greet every visitor on your website with a virtual handshake with Chatware award-winning software

If a guest walked into the front door of your business, there’s no doubt someone from your company would greet them.

‘How may I help you?’ ‘Welcome to [your company]’ ‘What’s happening?’ All these are greetings a visitor may hear, and you wouldn’t think of ignoring them. So why do it on your company website? Why not use an extremely affordable technology to virtually reach out, shake their hand and offer assistance?

“The importance of live chat cannot be overstated,” says Forbes Magazine. With website live chat software from ChatWare, you can be proactive about starting the conversation. Whether your goal is to get prospective clients into your sales funnel, answer product questions, or be available for customer service issues, live chat software from Chatware is the ideal tool.

Chatware chat software offers an award-winning interface to inspire visitors to start a chat conversation. And staff members using the chat operator console have a world-class interface to quickly respond to website visitors’ questions.

See what your visitors are typing – in REAL TIME!

One of the key features of the Chatware technology that helps your staff communicate with visitors is the ability to see what they are typing as they type it. This gives the operator a chance to find the answer while the guest is still typing. A decade of product development has taught us that the quicker a guest receives a response during a chat, the more likely they are willing to share contact information and provide you with a quality lead.

Another critical piece of the chat conversation is the combination of software and servers that handle the conversation. Chatware is one of the few chat companies that leverages the amazing potential of Microsoft’s SignalR technology to ensure chat conversations are not dropped – especially on mobile devices.

Not all chat software is equal, and Chatware is the best choice for any industry. Don’t let another visitor on your website leave without starting a conversation. Call or chat now to schedule a quick web demo.


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