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Best Improvement for Websites: Add Live Chat

improve website conversion ratesIf you have a business website, you probably receive way too many emails and other sales pitches for add-ons, plug-ins and other website widgets which will supposedly improve the conversion rate of your website. Some website additions really are useful, but many are not. One thing that is certain is that many businesses are missing lead generation opportunities on their own websites.

Live chat software is the single most important thing you can add to your business website. OK, that’s a little biased – we are a chat software maker, after all. But that does not mean that it’s not the truth, especially when you examine the data. The level of engagement, interaction, and conversion on websites increases greatly when an effective chat system like Chatware is installed on a website.

Here is what live chat does for your website:

Helps Answer Customer Questions

There are things a visitor to your site wants to know, but do not require an email or phone call. “When does the service department close” “Do you sell _____?” Some of those questions may be answered on your website, but sometimes they are not – or a visitor just can’t find the information without a little help. Offering your website’s visitors a simple way to get questions answered leads to a much better experience than submitting yet another contact form and waiting until someone finds the time to answer it.

Enhances Trust

People want to be able to trust a business – especially online. Live chat with Chatware projects an image of helpfulness, and shows a willingness and ability to be there for all of your customers’ needs.

More Conversions

A better conversion rate can be the most important benefit of Chatware for many businesses. Converting website visitors into leads or sales is becoming harder to do as visitors are simply filling out fewer website forms these days. Chatware gives you an opportunity to engage with website visitors while they are on your site and interested. Live chat also helps establish trust and demonstrate your excellent customer service skills which can lead to more conversions.

A website addition that is really an improvement…

It is tempting to try the newest fancy widget to make your website better. There is nothing wrong with staying ahead of the crowd. But first, your business website should thoroughly cover the basics. Adding live chat with Chatware is one of the simplest improvements you can make to get more from your business website.

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