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chat software slows websites

Live chat doesn’t have to slow down your website.

If you have tried adding a live chat plugin to your website, you probably noticed that among other problems, it made your site slow. Making everything fast and easy for your website visitors is a key to good user experience – and higher sales from your website. If you are at all concerned with SEO and how search engines rank your website, keep in mind that Google places a high priority on quality, and page loading speed is definitely a quality factor. It is important enough that Google considers a website’s speed to be a “tie breaker” when two pages are otherwise equal in how well they answer the searcher’s query.
Even if the traffic your site gets from search is little or none – it is still extremely important to give your site’s users the best experience from start to finish. Nobody likes a slow website, and a clunky site will drive away impatient online shoppers (which is most of them).

Using proactive chat software is one of the best ways to get more leads or sales from your website, but most of the available chat options are very cumbersome and can bog down the whole site.
Not Chatware!
Chatware’s servers use the latest technology in chat protocols with SignalR servers that ensure the most reliable service, especially on mobile devices. Over half of all web usage is now on mobile devices, so speed and reliability are more critical than ever. Even better: unlike other chat software which will slow even a fast loading website to a crawl, Chatware’s website code is proven to have no measurable effect on web page loading times – even on smartphones.

Tried the rest? Try the best!

If you have tried other chat software in the past and you were disappointed by its performance – either how it worked or how sloooooooooow it was – you are not alone. But if you have not tried Chatware, you should. Our commitment to quality and our obsession with being on the cutting edge will not let you down. Chatware makes it easy for both you and your customers to get more out of your website – fast.

Call us, chat with us, or email us here to learn how Chatware can make your online business better and faster.

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