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Web-based Live Chat: Is It Worth It?

Is Live Chat Worth It?

The value of adding live chat to your website

Today’s consumers expect instant communication, especially when doing business online. They want to know that an actual person is there for them.

What happens when people visit your website and have a question or seem to linger on a page without making a decision? If they have to wait for a return email or phone call, they are likely to move on to a site which is faster to respond.
Adding live chat to your website gives you a better chance of being first, and more likely to convert browsers into buyers.

Live chat provides an instant line of communications between you and your website’s visitors, which is in some ways better than phone or email since it allows for immediate responses.

Here are some ways that live chat can improve your business immediately:

Get Hot Sales Leads

Capture Hot Sales Leads Before They Cool

Let’s say a possible customer is on your site and needs a more information about a product. They have an interest and they’re already on your website. That is a very good “hot: lead that you can quickly capture through chat. Time is of the essence, and your email or phone response time may be slower than that of your competitors, or just slow enough that the lead cools down and is not as interested anymore.

Increase Staff Productivity

Make Use of Your Staff’s Down Time

If you have a customer service team or other knowledgable staff members sitting around waiting for phone calls, you could put them to work as live chat agents.  If your people can handle incoming phone calls, they can also be chat operators. If the demand for chat on your site is high, you may need to hire dedicated operators. When that happens, you’ll already have team members who are experienced with how chat needs to work for your business.

Analyze and Learn

Learn About Your Customer Base and Your Business

Google Analytics integration with live chat provides insight into how chat conversations are driving purchases and other on-site behavior. There are also extremely useful insights to be found when your customer interactions are kept in easy to search chat records.

Instant: You Can Start Right Now!

Live chat is more than just “bells and whistles”. Effective chat is an essential tool to drive and maintain business, make the best use of personnel, and analyze how effective your website is. That all starts as soon as you add live chat to your website. You can do it right now by contacting us here, or chat with us to learn what we can do for you.

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