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SMS Chat via Text – Connecting with Mobile Web Users is Easier Than Ever

Chatware now offers SMS Chat – an innovative way to engage with your website’s visitors who are using a mobile device.
SMS Chat allows a website visitor from a desktop PC or smartphone to start a chat by providing their mobile number and communicating via text.

SMS Text-to-Chat

Visitors can easily move from your site to SMS text messaging, and you don’t lose the conversation – or the lead!

With mobile devices now taking the majority of all web use, there is no good reason to not have the ability connect with customers right on their smartphones. The digital age is all about making things easy, and SMS Chat allows you to interact directly with the increasing number of people who prefer texting over any other form of communication.

Some of the highlights:

  • Easy Mode of Communication.
  • Does not require Internet Connection.
  • Always Connected and enables starting up a conversation from where it was left previously.
  • Local Dealership Numbers are chosen for dealerships (subject to availability).
  • Secured Communication.
  • Start Direct Chat by texting to dealership.
  • SMS chat also allows sending files via SMS chat (using shortened link).
  • Ability to track past chats based on visitor’s phone number every time they text.

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