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Lead2Ring Converts Digital Leads into Phone Calls and Sales

lead-2-ringManaged live chat by ChatWare helps businesses get digital leads that convert to real sales leads. With our Lead2Ring technology, a chat conversation online, or a website form fill can lead to an actual phone call, immediately.

Here’s how:

ChatWare has a unique feature called Lead2Ring (L2R) that allows chat operators to connect to visitors online through live chat and lead to phone calls to your staff.

If you are marketing your business online, your website probably gets a fair amount of traffic. With ChatLead’s Lead2Ring, you can engage with more of those shoppers. When there is a chat request in your website, one of our well-trained operators comes online to greet the visitor and handle any questions they may have. The chat operator also passes the visitor’s contact information of to your team.

Game Changing Technology

With Lead2Ring, the chat operator can also offer to connect the guest immediately with a phone call to your staff member in store. This gives your sales staff the opportunity to gain a new customer who may have never called or stopped by your business.

Introduced in 2016, L2R allows your staff to instantly connect with a shopper after getting a phone lead, even if the person is simply browsing the website. The business response time for such calls is less than 1 minute and most businesses report 100% to 200% increase in conversations as opposed to leaving countless messages unreturned by visitors.

How does L2R work?

L2R works with website chat and website form fills. You don’t have to have internet service at your store location to connect to the lead – just a working phone line or a mobile service to start talking. When our chat operators receive the contact number of the shopper, they connect the line to your staff. Numbers with local area codes where your business is located are used, and the telephone conversations are logged for future reference in the CRM.

There are three ways to connect a shopper instantly to your business:

  1. From our live chat console
  2. From a website contact form linked to the API for Lead2Ring
  3. Any other lead source which generates an ADF/XML and that will connect a person to the call.

Call, chat, text, or hit us up on Facebook Messenger today and schedule a quick web demo of L2R.

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